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About Us

rental shackBear Lake Rentals is committed to giving you the best rental experience possible.  We rent Boats, Sea-Doos, Stand-up Paddle Boards, Kayaks, Paddle Boats,  and a whole bunch of other fun stuff.  We are located inside the Blue Water Beach Resort on the south-west side of Bear Lake Utah .  Blue Water Resort has the only hotel on the beach at Bear Lake, and has a private beach that is reserved for their guests.  Anyone can come and rent a Boat or Sea Doo from us, we have them all in the water and ready to go, we just require you to drive it to another beach if you are planning on spending the day at the beach.  Parking is $10 per car during the time of your rental, but dropping off someone to drive the Boat or Sea-Doo to another beach is free.  Since this beach is private, you can be assured it will never be overly crowded and it is kept in pristine condition.  Feel free to call us at (435) 946-8611 for any questions and to make reservations.

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Recent News

att_clipart_freeStarting in 2017:  Due to the recent expansion of Blue Water Resort, the beach below Blue Water will only be available for the guests staying in the resort to use.  Anybody can still come and rent a Boat or Sea-Doo from us, but will not be allowed to use the beach as in previous years.  All of our boats and Sea-Doos are in the the water, and can be driven to other nearby beaches in matter of minutes.  For more information on this new policy, and to find out where the nearest beaches are click here.



Great News! Blue Water Beach Resort has been hard at work through the winter and has expanded their camping, RV, and Hotel capacity.  The Camping and RV spots are for those with memberships, and the hotels are available for anyone to stay.   Blue Water Resort has the only hotel on the beach, and is the best place to stay while at Bear Lake!  Click Here for more information and to book your stay at Blue Water Resort.


Warning – Do not try and use GPS or Google Maps to find our location – It will send you somewhere far away from us!

We are located inside Blue Water Resort on the south-west side of Bear Lake in Utah.   The address is 2126 South, Bear lake Blvd, Garden City UT 84028.

Driving Directions:  We are located 3 miles south of the Center of Garden City.  When heading South from Garden City,  go a quarter mile past the Pickleville Playhouse.  Look for a Yamaha sign on the right (south) side of the road, and directly on the opposite side of the road from that sign is the entrance to Blue Water Resort.

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We are proud members of thebear lake chamber of commerce