Bear Lake Beaches

Starting in 2017:  Due to the recent expansion of Blue Water Beach Resort, the beach below Blue Water will only be available for the guests staying in the resort to use.  Anyone can still come and rent a Boat or Sea-Doo from us (, but will not be allowed to use the beach as in previous years.  All of our boats and Sea-Doos are in the the water ready to go, and can be driven to other nearby beaches in matter of minutes (the best public beaches for 2017 due to high water will be map marker 9-15 on the map), or you can choose to stay out on the water the whole time if you don’t need a beach.  Parking is $10 per car during the time of your rental, but dropping off someone to pick up the Boat or Sea-Doo is free.  We do have boundaries for our equipment, we ask that you stay on the Utah side of the lake (for safety we don’t want you to get caught in a storm 15 miles away).

For those not staying at the resort that wish to rent from us, there are a few nearby options for beaches to use. Remember that any exposed beach below the high water mark is public lands that anyone can use as long as you use a legal access to get to it (i.e. not going through private property).  When the lake is full, there isn’t any exposed beach below the high water mark, so it drastically reduces the amount of beach available for the public to use. Here is a map of the beaches available this year with a description and pictures below of what they look like.  Beaches are very limited this year, so we recommend getting to your spot early.

Description of the public beaches above by marker number: Updated June 16, 2017 – All beaches are free except #15 Rendezvous

  • (1) 200 N. Beach Access – There is no beach Access here this year due to high water level.

  • (2) 75 N. Beach Access – There is no beach access here this year due to high water level.

  • (3) 150 S. Beach Access – There is no beach access here this year due to high water level.

  • (4) 350 S. Beach Access – There is no beach access directly below the parking lot this year due to high water level, but you can take a paved path that connects over to the Garden City Park beach access from here.  If the city parking lot is full, this would be a great overflow parking to still access the Garden City Park beach.

  • (5) Garden City Park Beach Access – Beach access Available! This is the only public beach access within the city limits this year due to the high water.  This has a boardwalk that is about a 750 foot walk (2-4 min) to the beach.   There is about 300 feet of beach area, and can probably fit a few hundred people on this beach.  This beach will probably get really crowded, so for more beach access head to markers 9-15 on the above map).

  • (6) Shorelodge Boardwalk – No access – To be built summer of 2017.  This will give public access to the beach along the south side of the Legacy Beach development using a boardwalk.

  • (7) Hodges Beach –  No beach access due to high water. There is also no parking anywhere close to this location, so walk-ins only.  The water has to be pretty low to have a good beach in this area.

  • (8) Real Beach Access –  No beach access due to high water. There is also no parking anywhere close, so it is walk-ins only.

  • (9) Highway turnoff 1 – Large parking lot. Has a small strip of sand at the bottom of the rock hill to the beach.  (2x) permanent bathrooms and dumpsters. – Great spot for 2017.

  • (10) Highway turnoff 2 – Smaller parking area, Porta Potty and dumpsters.  Good gentle slope to sandy beach.  If you spread out above and below the parking area, there would be quite a bit of beach access at this location.  Lots of trees for shade, may be one of the better “hidden” spots for 2017.

  • (11) Highway turnoff 3 –  Small parking lot.  No bathrooms and no dumpsters.  A few small sandy areas, but mostly big 2′-4′ boulders along shoreline.

    • (12) Highway turnoff 4 – Medium sized parking lot.  Nice soft sandy beach with gentle slope to water.  (1x) porta potty, and (1x) dumpster. (1x) shade tree

  • (13) Highway turnoff 5 – Large parking lot.  Gentle slope to sandy beach. (1x) permanent bathroom, (1x) dumpster.  Some areas have trees that provide privacy from the highway.  Good beach for 2017

  • (14) Highway turnoff Rest Area – Large paved parking lot.  Large grassy area with (7x) picnic tables.  Permanent bathrooms, multiple access spots to sandy beach area.  There is lots of grass and plant growth in the shallow water, so it will probably feel slimy when walking through that.  Gentle slopes to water.  Dumpsters, Bathrooms, and trash cans here.

  • (15) Rendezvous Beach – 5 miles south of our location (about 10 min drive on a boat or Sea-Doo).  This is a Utah State Park, and has a $10 entrance fee for day use.  Has lots of room and nice sandy beaches.  When water is low, they allow cars to park on the sand making it nice to load and unload. There is just over a mile of total beach below Rendezvous campground, but the part easily accessible for the day use is about 1,000 feet in length. When the lake is full this will still be a decent beach with sand and plenty of room that is open to the public, so it will probably get pretty crowded (and may even run out of parking and have to turn people away on holidays and Saturdays – so get there early). There are bathrooms and food (hamburger trailer) located here.