Hotel on the Beach

Here at Bear Lake we specialize in Boat, Sea-doo, and other Water Sports rental

equipment inside the Blue Water Beach Resort.   If you are looking for a place to stay on the beach for your next

Vacation, we recommend staying at the Hotel on the Beach at the Blue Water Beach Hotel. 

From your front door you will have access to the private Blue Water Beach, Hot Tub, and many other amenities. 

Since our Boat and Sea-doo rental is located inside the Blue Water Beach Resort, you also have easy

access to come rent our Boats, Sea-doos, and other fun rental toys.

Give them a call at 844-946-5252 to make your reservation today.


Blue Water Beach Hotel

Hotel Rental on the beach of Bear Lake

     The only hotel located on the beach of Bear Lake


Located at Blue Water Resort in Garden City, UT

     For Reservations & Information Call: 844-946-5252


Address: 2126 S. Bear Lake Blvd. Garden City, UT

All rooms have air conditioning and Satellite TV

and most rooms have fully stocked kitchens.

Rooms that sleep 4, 6, or 8 are available.